Welcome to Common Wholesale Platform & Common Switching Platform


Why Common Wholesale Platform?

CWP/CSP is a central hub that serves all the UK telecom industry (directly or via other hubs) for:

1) Common Wholesale Platform (CWP) to wholesale: significantly accelerate gigabit adoption in the UK by making multiple Access Communications Provider (ACP) networks visible to contracted retail communication provider (RCP) resellers in one central location. The platform also facilitates universal standard CWP reference products to scale RCP providers. These standards allow you to comply with BDUK Project Gigabit wholesale requirements.

2) Common Switching Platform (CSP) for retailers to comply with consumer One Touch Switching (OTS) and business Gaining Provider led-Business (GPL-B) Ofcom regulated processes: CWP serves as a Full Management Managed Access Provider ( MAP) to the OTS hub which allows you to comply with Ofcom OTS and GPL-B obligations and simplify the integration process. As a Full Management MAP we carry out all the integrations with TOTSCo for you, so you don’t have to; and support you in your integration to CWP.


The features of our service

You can manage RCP and ACP roles and users on our secure platform. ACPs can manage products for resale by RCPs and share their coverage map with contracted RCPs. Its open API and web GUI are used for new orders & switch orders alike. RCPs can lookup products available to a Unique Property Reference (UPRN). The platform includes audit trails for all transactions and detailed reporting […]

Joining CWP

Joining CWP as a member is easy. There are options to join as a network access communications provider (ACP), a gigabit connectivity retail communications provider (RCP) or both. We have different membership tiers depending on the amount of gaining transactions (for an ACP) and the number of customers (for an RCP). During setup we will help you to get your business support systems integrated with CWP. Please contact us if you wish to join.

Contact CWP

We are located at 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR!

You can use our contact form to request more information from us.