Common Wholesale Platform / Common Switching Platform (CWP/CSP)

CWP/CSP is a central hub that serves all the UK telecom industry (directly or via hubs) for:

1) Common Wholesale Platform (CWP) to wholesale: significantly accelerate gigabit adoption in the UK by making multiple Access Communications Provider (ACP) networks visible to contracted retail communication provider (RCP) resellers in one central location. The platform facilitates universal standard CWP reference products to scale RCP providers. These standards allow you to comply with BDUK Project Gigabit wholesale requirements.

2) Common Switching Platform (CSP) for retailers to comply with One Touch Switching (OTS): CWP serves as a Fully Managed MAP to the OTS hub which allows you to comply with Ofcom OTS obligations and simplify the integration process. As a Fully Managed MAP we carry out all the integrations with TOTSCo for you, so you don’t have to; and support you in integration to CWP.

If you wish to do both (wholesale and One Touch Switching) via CWP/CSP you will need to subscribe to two services accordingly, to separate your wholesale and retail channels.

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CWP/CSP has been launched as a member-owned, not-for-profit organisation in a collaboration of six leading ISP companies: Airband, County Broadband, Glide Business, ITS Technology Group, NGE Contracting and WightFibre.

Our primary purpose is providing wholesale and One Touch Switching (OTS) services for the UK telecom market.

CWP/CSP Governance

CWP/CSP is a member owned, not-for-profit, limited by guarantee company. This means that once you join CWP/CSP as a member you:

  • Receive a copy of the company’s annual accounts;
  • Attend general meetings and cast a vote;
  • Elect a Board by voting at the members’ annual general meeting; and
  • Vote on any significant changes to the company, its purpose, its name or how any profit is applied

The CWP company’s constitution is contained in its Articles of Association and its Rules.

As a new member, you vote to choose the CWP Board, which consists of investor and non-investor members.

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