Join Common Wholesale Platform

Joining CWP as a member is easy. There are options to join as a network access communications provider (ACP), a fibre retailer communications provider (RCP) or both. We have different membership tiers depending on the number of gaining transactions you process through the CWP platform. During setup we will help you to get your business support systems integrated with CWP.

Although you may decide to start using CWP through its web GUI immediately. There is training material for the different roles involved in your organisation; Admin, Operations, Sales and IT. As a member you will have a vote in the future development and governance of CWP. Membership fees are collected monthly. We review your number of transactions quarterly and move you up or down automatically if your transactions are outside of your Tier. Membership fees are collected via Direct Debit.

The following fees apply if you are an ACP or a RCP. If you are both, you will subscribe to two accounts, as an ACP and as a RCP. The latter also helps with segragating your channel from your retail offering as both accounts are kept separate.

Tier Maximum Transactions (p.m.) Setup Monthly
Ultra Low 20 (community/coop companies, < 100 customers) £100 £20
Low 100 £200 £100
Medium 500 £350 £300
High 5,000 £1,000 £2,600
Special 1 10,000 £2,000 £2,600
Special 2 20,000 £2,000 £4,000
Special 3 20,000+ £2,000 £5,400