A partnership to accelerate the growth and adoption of gigabit wholesale and switching services was agreed at the INCA Annual Conference 

The partnership will see the Common Wholesale Platform (CWP) seamlessly connect their One-Touch-Switch functionality with Strategic ImperativesThe Fibre Café’s single unified gateway to the UK’s fibre ecosystem, enabling participating Altnets to take advantage of The Fibre Café’s integrations services while complying with OTS regulations. 

Marcel Horst, CEO of Common Wholesale Platform Ltd, said: “Our members will now have a cost-effective way to add further gigabit services to their portfolio. Likewise, many Altnets are now seeking additional revenue streams from wholesaling their networks. Through our relationship with The Fibre Café, this now becomes a reality to reach scale retail providers.” 

Wail Sabbagh, CEO of Strategic Imperatives, said: “Delivering OTS interoperability as part of The Fibre Café proposition is something that many of our customers have asked for. This partnership is a great way to achieve this with a market leader in this space.” 

In the future, those CWP Altnet members willing and ready to aggregate their services can also offer a unified wholesale proposition to The Fibre Café scale providers. Both companies now look forward to the upcoming testing programme to integrate and validate these services. Additionally, they anticipate the near-term announcement of significant anchor customers for these services. 

Malcolm Corbett, CEO at INCA added: “I am pleased to see this initiative as one of several industry activities seeking to increase service accessibility from a hugely creative Altnet market.” 


About INCA: The Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) was established in 2010 as a co-operative trade association for next generation broadband services. INCA brings together the most innovative thinkers in the independent alternative network sector, creating new digital infrastructure in the UK and Ireland. For more information about INCA, please visit: https://www.inca.coop/. PR Contact – James Curry, Proactive PR at inca@proactive-pr.com 

About Common Wholesale Platform Ltd: CWP (https://cwpuk.org) is a not-for-profit member-owned telecom industry organisation created to increase gigabit connectivity choice. Its unique wholesale and switching services help many UK network providers and retailers grow their network utilisation and customer bases. 

About Strategic Imperatives: At Strategic Imperatives, we combine innovative technology with unparalleled domain knowledge and understanding of the UK fibre, fixed line and broadband market dynamics, players, and regulatory landscape to address the challenges faced by AltNets, connectivity and service providers. We solve pain points that are barriers to a connected Digital Britain by creating the building blocks of an integrated, equal and cost-effective fibre wholesale market in the UK. https://imperatives.co.uk/