Get Ready For One Touch Switch Now!

London, the UK | 20 September 2022

Today, Common Wholesale Platform Ltd (CWP) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its first One Touch Switch transactions for its members. This accomplishment was made possible through the utilisation of the TOTSCo Pre-Production OTS Hub, which leverages the unique Common Switching Platform service.

API connectivity tests and messaging tests were initially carried out between CWP and the TOTSCo simulator. This was followed by sample County Broadband and Glide Business end user residential customer match and switch requests, all successfully transacted via the TOTSCo Hub.

CWP now feels confident that as a proposed TOTSCo Managed Access Provider it will be ready to commence industry trials from the planned date of 20th October, potentially involving more of its growing member base who are in various stages of OTS readiness. CWP are also actively seeking more members to collaborate in readiness testing.

Lloyd Felton, CEO of County Broadband said: “County Broadband has been supportive of the CWP value adding platform since 2021 and looks forward to growing its full fibre customer base when OTS launches formally on 14 March 2024.”

CWP with its unique switching portal, retailer to retailer ticketing, match data upload and web plugin features are helping the UK Telecom industry prepare itself for the big bang launch during Q1 2024.

Richard Malazia, Sales Director at Glide Business said: “The extensive support that CWP have provided by responding swiftly to ongoing changes with the OTS standard has allowed Glide to remain focussed on its core business whilst easing us into the new OTS regulation.”

CWP was created in 2021 as a not-for-profit member owned organisation with the primary purpose to facilitate wholesale and switching messaging services. This is to benefit of all UK residential and business network providers and retailers of broadband services. Its services are based on a proven global switching platform that already handles 1.6m transactions p.m.

Marcel Horst, CEO at CWP said: “The UK 300+ residential and 4,000+ business retailers must get their systems, processes and support resources in place now to grab the OTS opportunity and comply with the regulation. We believe we have created something unique that will make it easier to embrace OTS within the fabric of a telecom retailer, but there really is very little time left before the OTS launch. We know this first hand, having launched OTS once already.”

About Common Wholesale Platform Ltd: CWP ( is a not-for-profit member owned telecom industry organisation created to increase gigabit connectivity choice. Its unique wholesale and switching services help many UK network providers and retailers grow their network utilisation and customer bases.

About Mediafon Datapro:Partner of CWP, Mediafon Datapro (, a leading software development company, boasts extensive global expertise in delivering nationwide centralised IT systems. Their innovative solutions have empowered industry players worldwide to achieve remarkable success. Partnering with Mediafon Datapro has proven instrumental in elevating their capabilities and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

About County Broadband: County Broadband is a specialist rural broadband provider based in the East of England.

  • County Broadband is extending its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) Hyperfast broadband to 500,000 premises in select villages across the East of England.
  • FTTP is the installation of fibre optic cables directly into premises and offers speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gigabit). This is significantly faster than the more commonly used fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology in which fibre cables are sent to local street-side cabinets and then distributed through existing old copper cabling to each premise.
  • For more information, visit or follow @CountyBroadband on Twitter.

Broadband speed definitions. defines the following services:

High Speed = broadband up to 24Mbps

Superfast = Broadband Up to 80Mbps

Ultrafast = speeds of 100Mbps or more

Hyperfast = speeds of 500Mbps or more

Referenced here:

Please visit the following blog which explains the difference between Superfast and Hyperfast connectivity:

About Glide Business: Glide ( are a market-leading infrastructure and utilities business, delivering hyperfast connectivity across the UK and Europe. Our national full fibre network reaches over 100,000 premises, operating in difficult to serve areas while enabling devices, buildings and cities to become smarter. We provide fast and reliable broadband services, cabling expertise, smart technology, and data insight.