CWP Services

The features of our service

You can manage Retail Communication Providers (RCPs) and Access Communication Providers (ACPs) roles and End Users (EUs) on our secure platform. ACPs can manage products for resale by RCPs and share their coverage map with contracted RCPs. Its open API and web GUI are used for new orders & switch orders alike. RCPs can lookup products available to a Unique Property Reference (UPRN). The platform includes audit trails for all transactions and detailed reporting capabilities. Inherent in the OTS process is the safe and secure separation of gaining- and losing provider EU contract details. Incident management of CWP and orders, but also in-service faults and moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACDs) between retailer and wholesaler can be tracked. Billing for CWP membership are fully automated.

As an OTS Hub, the Gaining Provider can place service switch orders and the Common Wholesale Platform will carry out all messaging between Losing Provider (LP), Losing Access Provider (LAP), Gaining Access Provider (GAP) and the End User.

OTS Process Steps

As a wholesale platform, the RCP can place a new service order and the Common Wholesale Platform will carry out all messaging with the Gaining Access Provider.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please head to our public knowledgebase articles. This is a subset of the articles that are available to our members.

The CSP service includes:

  1. A switching service fully compliant with the latest OTS process and Application Programming Interface (API) standards
  2. An ability to switch broadband services as a gaining, or a losing provider (consumer and business broadband switching)
  3. Consume the service through an API integrated to your Business Support Systems (BSS) or through our web portal
  4. Comply with the Ofcom 60 second response SLA by uploading your match data to our platform
  5. Handle RCP to RCP out-of-process tickets via API or web portal
  6. An ability to switch broadband services today between our growing number of members and with TOTSCo connected retailers as soon as their platform is available
  7. Reporting metrics and graphs that show how well your switching process performs
  8. A tiered membership structure providing switching services at lowest cost as we are a member owned not for profit organisation created to serve the UK telecoms industry with subscriptions from £100 p.m.
  9. A set of professional services that help you integrate your BSS platform to the CSP service
  10. A considerable member support structure with member portal, ticket management, extensive knowledgebase and subscription management capabilities
  11. Being a part of a growing number of likeminded members who wish to collaborate in their OTS journey and maximise the growth of their respective customer bases. Join our monthly stakeholder group calls.

Our pricing

The following fees apply if you are an ACP or a RCP. If you are both, you will subscribe to two accounts, as an ACP and as a RCP. The latter also helps with segragating your channel from your retail offering as both accounts are kept separate.

Tier  Customers  Setup  Annually  Quaterly  Monthly 
 Special Tier – price on request  10,001    20,000    £400    £7,020    £1,852.50    £650.00  
Tier 8   7,501    10,000    £350    £4,050    £1,068.75    £375.00  
Tier 7   5,001    7,500    £350    £2,160    £570.00    £200.00  
Tier 6   2,501    5,000    £200    £1,080    £285.00    £100.00  
Tier 5   1,001    2,500    £200    £540    £142.50    £50.00  
Tier 4   501    1,000    £150    £432   £114.00    £40.00  
Tier 3   251    500    £150    £324    £85.50    £30.00  
Tier 2   51    250    £100    £216    £57.00    £20.00  
Tier 1   1    50    £100    £108    £28.50    £10.00